The Best Weight Vest is from NAJ Fitness || 16kg weight blocks

Weight Vest 16kg (Adjustable)

Get your Weight Vest Now and start your new workout level


Increase your Exercise Intensity and Rise Up your level

Adjustable Weights

Make your exercise Harder, Challenger and add more weighted blocks to improve your level to the next stage

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Rings Australian Pull-up

Engage Back and Biceps

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Floor Push Up or Decline Push Up

For Solid Chest, Biceps and Triceps

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Jumping Squat

Shape Legs, Glutes and Calves

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Hanging L-Sit

Burn up your ABS and Engage all body

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Dip Bars

Get your Triceps and Chest Stronger

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Pull Up and Chin Up

Engage Biceps, Triceps and Back

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Why our vest is the best

Why NAJ Vest ?

Get Strong Faster Increase your Muscular Strength, Cardio Workout,
improve your Running Speed training and Rise Up your level

Adjustable Weights to scale your training levels and goals, whether
you are a beginner or an advanced, adjust the weights from 1kg to 16kg

Adorable Equipment to make your exercise Harder, Challenger and
add more weighted blocks to improve your level to the next stage

Easy Set Up, Durable Velcro Straps with additional double
security of side straps to give you stability and safety anywhere any time whether
you are in the gym, street or home

Elegance Design cover minimum part of your body to have freely
movement all the time

Practical anywhere any time wither in Gym, home, garden or even jogging on street

Unisex and fit to everybody

Do you believe you do your Workout hard enough? Then you have to Make it Harder

Boost Your Performance, increase your body load kg by kg and step by step, Start your Workout and keep focus

Fight the load you carry and Fight the resistance .. Never Give Up

Train and Maintain your Focus, Fight Stronger, Commit to do your Workout, Sweat from Head to Toes

Get your NAJ Vest NOW to become incredibly Stronger

Flexible, Elegant and Easy to use

Use NAJ Vest to increase your body weight, and make your training program more Stronger and Harder

Strong Vest

Easy to Setup

Durable Velcro Strap

Removable Weighted Block up to 16kg

Holding body from Front & Rear sides

Safe, Comfortable and Elegance

Start your challenging journey Now

What clients say ?

This Vest is Unmatched !

Soo comfortable and has a great weight to it. The size is perfect as it doesn’t sit too low on the body and u wont sacrifice your form as you work out

Definitely recommended, Worth every dirham spent!

Ali Ateye

Great Weight Vest!

The weighted vest is great quality and the color is exactly the one on the picture. I bought the light green and I love it

It's very easy to add or take away the weights, so that I can wear it and my husband too. Fabric is good and you don't feel pressure on the shoulders because of the great material. I recommend it

quality + very good seller = happy costumer!


Very comfortable and padded

This was very comfortable on the shoulders, the weights are small and 1kg each so you can customize the weight you want to carry, both front and back side has weights

The owner is very helpful and can advise you on any questions regarding how to assemble the vest.

I would highly recommend.


I highly recommend it

This Vest makes Pull up harder, after one week I can do double reps, higher and clean Pull up.

Ahmad Saleh

Amazing Vest

I feel the difference, make two round using vest, and remove it on 3rd round. I fly higher in pull up and couldn't feel my weights

Material and fabric really great quality, the actual vest looks much better than in photos. I liked it

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